A Long Journey

From Childhood Game to Published Novel.

George Landon

4/28/20220 min read

It's honestly hard to believe. Part of me still can't grasp the fact that it's real. Even while holding the actual book in my hands, it still doesn't feel real.

But it is real.

It's a truly surreal and exciting experience seeing something I made is finally making its way out into the world where it can be enjoyed by others. And it all started as nothing more than a dream. And it was a dream for so long, it felt like it would never really actually happen. But it did happen. If there's any advice I'd give to my fellow creatives, it's this: just because it's only been a dream for so long, don't let that make you think that's all it will ever be. Get out there and make it real. If I can do it, then so can you.

I look forward to talking more about my novel, The Treasure of Mosa Laga, leading up to and following its release on May 14th of this year. And I look forward to seeing your comments and discussion surrounding it.

Until next time.