Hi, my name is George Landon.

Growing up, I didn't always have access to the latest movies or video games. We didn't have cable in our home, and it was before the days of iPhones and wide internet adoption. At school, I was rarely on the athletic field with most of the kids my age.

But little me wasn't bored.

My mind was overflowing with vast, unique worlds. I was always crouched over reams of paper drawing comics and narrative illustrations, or digging through my large collection of LEGO to find that one piece I needed to finish my awesome castle or laboratory. If there was a video game or toy I wanted but couldn't get for myself, I'd make up my own version of it and draw or build it to play with.

These experiences have stuck with me, and I'm convinced were instrumental in making me who I am today. These days, I see kids everywhere with their eyes glued to tablets entranced by the flashy visuals of apps designed to drain their parents' bank account. These aren't designed to develop imagination or problem-solving skills, but to encourage mindless consumption. I honestly have to wonder how many meaningful memories of their childhood they'll have when they're grown up.

When I look back on these memories, there's a certain indescribable feeling that sweeps over me. The closest word I can use to describe it is a sense of wonder and mystery. It is my goal to truly capture this feeling in my works so that a new generation may have the chance to experience it as well. Then they too may have something to pass on through creative works of their own.